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Fri, Apr. 3rd, 2009, 04:21 am
anya_lee: Wilted

Title: Wilted (Challenge: Meetings)
Wordcount: 100 (Hi, I'm new. Not my best. I just thought someone should revive this place.)

Her stalk eyes scan the verdant grass of the Andalite home world, her main eyes are averted from his fixed gaze. The silence is long and beautiful, springing from the pits of a deep bond and yet, painful, like salt against raw wounds.


<I love you.> It is a murmured declaration, words tumbling carelessly from the depths her heart.


Her words hang in the air, he doesn’t respond. Her hooves shuffle awkwardly against the grass.


<I loved you. Once, a long time ago.>


She watches him gallop into the wilderness, leaving her to wilt amidst broken promises and shattered dreams.


Wed, Mar. 5th, 2008, 11:03 pm
deslumbrar: (no subject)

Title: Sweet Nothings (Challenge: Meetings)
Word Count: 100

"Marco, the shuttle is leaving soon."
"I'll make it fast, promise."
Ax's tail shrinks into his spine, his stalk eyes retract. Moments later, he sways slightly on two legs. Marco places a hand on his shoulder and his body immediately steadies. The other hand slides along his cheek. Ax has enough time to wonder what this means before Marco kisses him. The taste of his friend, a flavor that is his alone, unnamable.

"Why?" is all Ax can manage when they part. Marco presses their foreheads together, breathes deeply, once.
"How else am I going to say goodbye to you?"

Thu, Nov. 8th, 2007, 12:22 pm
antistar_e: An apology and this week's challenge: California

Okay, no. There's no explaination for the hiatus; I just fail at being your mod.

As always: challenges never close and there's no limit to how many drabbles you can post to one challenge :) So even if I suck at giving weekly challenges, there's no true shortage of prompts.

Also, feel free to suggest things! In fact, it would help me greatly to get feedback from you; I'm running out of creative challenges =D

On that note, for this week, it's California.

Tue, Jul. 10th, 2007, 12:33 am
felinephoenix: Midgets [future challenge]

Title: Midgets [future challenge]
Word Count: 100
A/N: For my friend trelali, who wanted a Rachel-Marco friendship drabble with the premise: "Because I said no," plus a Bossy!Marco.

She was doing the Puppy Dog Eyes. I hate it when she does the Puppy Dog Eyes.

"Marco, can't we--?"
"No," I crossed my arms and tried to look tough. Not so easy to do when you're only like... maybe the same height as someone, by the way.
"Puh-leeze?" Now she was flashing me that grin. Not the 'oh, I'm about to something reckless and violent that'll get us all killed' grin, but the 'gosh, I'm an awfully cute blonde girl, aren't I?' grin. Which might've worked before I dated a lot of pretty blonde girls.

Okay, it still kind of worked. A little. But don't tell Rachel or Tobias that.

"No. You can't just enslave a species like that. Isn't that what we fought a war for?"
Rachel rolled her eyes. "I'm not enslaving them, they want to follow me. Besides, they're Helmacrons, who'll miss them?"
I tried to puff out my chest. Keyword, tried. "Rachel."
She just grinned. "Marco. Come on, I came back from the dead! Don't I deserve a cult of little midgets? I so deserve midgets."

Fri, Jun. 29th, 2007, 11:42 pm
daythirtynine: does this even fit the challenge?

word count: 100

Cassie was a pile of puzzle pieces, brown cardboard side up and edges broken off and she only felt complete when she had a pair of wings and osprey eyes, watching ants crawl on the grass from a million miles up in puffy white clouds. Life without words was making her tired and she stood every night in the forest looking up at the blinking stars hoping one will turn fiery red and rocket down to her feet where her friends would step out and laugh with her till their stomachs hurt. Ten years later, she has not lost hope.

Tue, Jun. 26th, 2007, 05:51 pm
antistar_e: Challenge: futurefic

This week's theme is Futurefic. A total crack challenge, if you want my opinion. The board is free for you to do whatever you want with the Animorphs' lives, post-54 =D

Wed, May. 30th, 2007, 11:01 pm
deslumbrar: (no subject)

Lost Time (Challenge: Choice)
Word Count: 100

At one moment, he was in a place that should never have existed. At the next, he opened his eyes to the blues and greens of a planet he’d only seen in pictures. So he undertook a briefer journey that, he thought, would be just as permanent

He ran from a nightmare of battle, the forever-vanished face of a friend, and the unspeakable casualty of his prince. He stripped away both memory and body, rebuilt himself into someone greater than the strands of DNA he chose to combine.

And greater still, because when it was done, Loren was with him.

Sun, May. 27th, 2007, 08:44 pm
teremala: (no subject)

Free or Dead [Challenge: Choice]
Words: 103

Not flesh, but cold metal casing. Not thought, but electrical shots, hidden from touch.

Not human, not host, not alive. Deaf and blind and mute, I was alone.


< It is over, Yeerk.>

I had passed a war in my cage.

The empire had fallen; my leaders were dead. Everything I had known was gone.

The choice was mine, he had said, but it was clear. Go out there, into a world that would hate me? No.

I now run through the trees, tail swinging. I yelp madly, leaping with my pack amongst the bushes and scattered robots. I live.

Sun, May. 27th, 2007, 01:32 pm
antistar_e: Challenge: Choice

This week's challenge (or the challenge until the next time I post O.o) is Choice.

You could have all kinds of fun with that. As in, something dreadfully important, life or death, teenage Lifetime-esque drama, or -- as more relative to me at this moment -- plain old what's for dinner.

Fri, May. 11th, 2007, 05:15 pm
antistar_e: Challenge: Minor Characters

Title: Serendipity [for the challenge "minor characters"]
Word Count: 97

There were a lot of bulletins about missing people after ... did it even have a name? The End? The Beginning? The Day Everyone Got Their Own Brains Back?

Roger was a good man. Military man, taxpayer, two-year slave to the Yeerks. As an FBI agent, he figured he had more sophisticated means of finding a lost love one than fliers posted on church doors and the "are you still alive?" notices in the newspaper.

But it became one year, and then two.

"Where is he? Where's David? Where's my son?"

"It's a long story," said Marco.

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