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Fri, Apr. 3rd, 2009, 04:21 am
anya_lee: Wilted

Title: Wilted (Challenge: Meetings)
Wordcount: 100 (Hi, I'm new. Not my best. I just thought someone should revive this place.)

Her stalk eyes scan the verdant grass of the Andalite home world, her main eyes are averted from his fixed gaze. The silence is long and beautiful, springing from the pits of a deep bond and yet, painful, like salt against raw wounds.


<I love you.> It is a murmured declaration, words tumbling carelessly from the depths her heart.


Her words hang in the air, he doesn’t respond. Her hooves shuffle awkwardly against the grass.


<I loved you. Once, a long time ago.>


She watches him gallop into the wilderness, leaving her to wilt amidst broken promises and shattered dreams.